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GKC Part# 435 Model #T-4

Designed for the director in remote locations using a 4 wire telephone line and a headset with a low impedance microphone. This system consists of two independent amplifiers, a monitor and a mic to line, each with their own battery. It features all integrated circuitry and a push to talk or open mic switch. Headset jack is a female 4 pin XLR.



Mic-line Amplifier

  • Low impedance mic input female 4 pin XLR
  • 600 ohm balance line output, male 3 pin XLR or RJ11 telephone jack (yellow-black)
  • Line level output adjustable 0 dB to 8 dB

Monitor Amplifier

  • Balanced IFB input 2k ohms female 3 pin XLR or RJ11 telephone jack (red-green)
  • output impedance 8 ohms female 4 pin XLR
  • power output switchable from 250 mW to 500 mW



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