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GKC Part# 441 Model #305

This box has been updated to work on all types of phone lines


This advanced communications amplifier is most versatile for both IFB and ENG field operations. It operates similar to the Model 300 but with more features. It can be used on a standard telephone line, a satellite phone or IFB feeds, from a remote truck. The unit is used with a low impedance headset or a lapel mic and earphone. Features include two independent output channels, one for the headset output, the other for the IFB output with 1/4" and 1/8" jacks. This box also has a line input on the side to send audio on a telephone line from a mixer or tape recorder. The unit also features a open microphone switch in addition to the momentary push to talk switch. The dialer has a memory to hold 25 telephone numbers up to 30 digits long, low battery light with a low audible beep in three minute intervals through the ear phone, a defeatable ringer and a light to signal incoming calls, an external power jack for a regulated AC adaptor, a battery drawer for quick and easy battery changes and an additional RJ-11 input, for telephone. The XLR on this model is for all other audio input , wet or dry feeds & telephone. A 25' telephone cord is included.


  • Balanced input 600 Ohms
  • Female XLR-3 connector wet or dry input
  • Separate RJ-11 jack for telephone line input
  • Total quiescent current 10mA
  • Microphone input 150 Ohms
  • Earphone output: two independent channels 8 Ohms impedance
  • Power output: 350mW
  • Powered by 9V Alkaline battery or regulated external AC adaptor
  • Diode protected circuit polarity
  • Thermally protected transformer
  • Polarity neutral ringer on telephone line
  • Keyboard with 25 number memory
  • External quick access battery drawer
  • Adjustable gain control for line output to max +2dB
  • Battery clip
  • Battery life has been improved
  • Dialing can be done without pressing the push to talk button

Dialer programming

  • LAST NUMBER REDIAL (LNR) *+# together, then release to send.
  • STORE & SEND (STORE)           *+0 together, then 0 followed by the numbers to store (Single beep confirms)
  • STORE & SEND (SEND)             0+# together, then 0
  • STORE NUMBERS 1-9                *+0 together, then number you choose to use for storage spot 1 through 9 followed by the telephone number you want stored. (single beep confirms)
  • SEND NUMBERS 1-9                  0+# together, then desired storage number.

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