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Cell Phone Accessory For IFB

Part #370 Model Bluetooth Adapter

This adapter fits most cell phones to connect through Bluetooth. all of our cords 1/8' or 3.5mm will work with this adapter. The CPC-M6 (microphone cord)will also work with an adapter that goes from 2.4mm(sub mini) to 3.5 mm (mini) part #361


Part #329 Model #HDS-93

1/8" 4 conductor cell phone cord with resistor for listening only. This cord is made for use on cell phones that have stereo listening. It has special resistors in the cord to properly mix the 2 channels together. This cord can also be used on any channel listening device to combine channel 1&2

Use with PO-15 Receiver


Part #423 Model #CP-201-A



1/8" 4-conductor plug with 90º angle

Part #424 Model #CP-201-AT

This amplifier box is the same as the 201-A except
it has a toggle switch in place of the red button.
The toggle switch is "momentary" on one way and on the other way.
It is also compatible with the same phones as the 201-A

424 CP-204

Part #422 Model #CP-202
This box is for use with any device that has Bluetoothbluetooth icon capability. It operates similar to the CP-201, but connects through Bluetooth.bluetooth icon The red button answers and hangs up the incoming call and also toggles the microphone on and off. The box has 2 outputs, one sub-mini, (3/32") tip ring and sleeve for use with the CPC-M6 cord (mic and listen), or for listening only a mini (1/8") jack. It comes with a battery drawer for a 9V battery , status pilot light. It also has a REACH style belt clip.


Part #418 Model #CP-203
This push to talk box has a amplifier for the
increase in volume, often needed for IFB in noisy
areas.  The box has one XLR output for the
(947) AH-2R or the (950) AH-8R.  It comes with a battery drawer for a 9V battery,
low battery light and a switch to operate with or
without amplifier.  It also has a REACH style belt

GKC201A 947

Part #350 Model #CPC-1

Sub-Mini Plug to 1/8# female end


Part #351 Model #CPC-2

Sub-Mini Plug to XLR-3 Pin end

CPC-2 Cord

Part #352 Model #CPC-3

Sub-Mini Plug to 1/4# Female end

CPC-3 Cord

Part #355 Model #CPC-M6

Sub-Mini Plug tip, ring and sleeve. It is made to work with the CP-200, CP-201, CP-202 and CP-201A. It has a microphone with lapel clip and a polorized pin plug for the receiver. It can also be made to use with the older cell phones that have a 3/32" jack. It is recommended to use with a 125 ohm receiver.

CPC-M6 Cord

Part #368

An adaptor cord with 3-pin XLR Female on one end and 2 male 3-pin XLR's on the other end. Can be used with the GKC Amplifier boxes.

CPC-M6 Cord


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